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Some of our past projects

CAS Engineering has a background of rebuilds and restoration projects of Modern and Vintage aircraft either Metal or Wood & Fabric including complete Re-paint and Corrosion inhibiting.

Some of the projects include Austers, Beech, DH Tiger Moths, Leopard Moth, Hornet Moth, DH Dragon Rapides, Piper cubs, Luscombe, Jodels, Cessna range i.e 206, 177, 172, 152,150 and Piper PA28 range.

Here are two of our projects:

Piper PA18 Supercub

Complete rebuild, restoration and fabric covering of a Piper PA18 Supercub for the Shuttleworth Collection

Click here for more photos of the Piper PA18 Supercub project

Dragon Rapide

Complete fabric recovering of a DH89 Dragon Rapide,
wood repairs and respray back to original RAF colour scheme.

Click here for more photos of the Dragon Rapide rebuild project

NB No landing fees for maintenance customers